Around about Havant – for one and for all

Please be patient, the web-master is messing up the website again.  Normality will resume in a day or two.

HADAG, as you may guess, is most certainly an acronym or collection of first letters of a longer name, and was obviously decided by a committee.  If you believe that, you won’t be surprised to learn we are the HAVANT AREA DISABILITY ACCESS GROUP.

Having gotten past the name , all we have to cover are the important bits such as who are we, what do we do, where do we do it, how and why.  As with many small charities, the devil is in the details, but we’ll keep it simple, and go slow with the answers across this site.

We, the group, are a small group of people with disabilities, and we are proud to be termed a DPULO (or more often a DUPLO which is easier to say).  This means a Disabled Persons User Led Organisation.  We are proud of this because in the past, so many such groups were run by friends, parents, ‘important people’ and the token disabled person.  I think we’ve also seen this in the past, but in this century, such groups have disappeared.

Our group’s aim is to promote and lobby for improved accessibility in and around the Borough of Havant,  This area includes Havant itself, and the essentially non-stop urban sprawl which starts with Purbrook to the west, Crookhorn, Stakes, Waterlooville, Cowplain, Leigh Park, Bedhampton, Havant (the town), West Leigh and Emsworth.

We meet twice per month on Monday mornings, and are looking for a time and place for an evening meeting to commence soon.  Our meetings are open to anyone, and our work is both externally driven by consultation and events, and from within by ideas and projects suggested by observations and events.

We need your help.  Take a look around our site, learn more about us, and please either get in touch, or better still, just pop in to one of our meetings.