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Welcome, one and all (and we mean all!)

We are currently a small group, though we are starting to make progress on some pretty large goals over the last year or so, and looking to move ahead rapidly in this new year, 2016.  Our goal is to improve accessibility to buildings, services and information throughout the Borough of Havant which includes Waterlooville, Havant itself, Emsworth, Hayling Island and other smaller areas.

We are proud to be what is known as a DPULO (or DUPLO as many seem to refer to) which means a ”disabled persons user led organisation”.  This means that the organisation is, and will always be, run by disabled people as a majorityl

What is Accessibility?

We want to ensure that everyone in our area has equal access to buildings, services and information.


When we consider buildings, this means buildings used by the public and employees, therefore supermarkets, shops, offices, museums, cinemas and more.  While there are laws and regulations which govern the design and construction of new buildings, as well as major rebuilding, they are not often considered, and very often the rules on accessibility are ignored or wrongly applied.  This is one of our major tasks.


Accessibility to services is vital for the entire community.  Services are tasks, jobs or sometimes less obvious things done for us.  Generally we pay for services.  Services can range from websites and tv channels, to home shopping deliver and our GP Surgeries.  They also include necessities such as heating, water, electricity, housing, rubbish removal and much more.  Unlike buildings, services generally tend to be governed by a lot of rules about how they are delivered, and ways in which they must be accessible.  This might range from subtitle or audio descriptions on TV programmes, to large print telephone bills.

Finally – information.  Without information we cannot live a normal life, participate in the community, and better ourselves through learning.  We have been very pleased recently to be approached by a local web-developer who is looking to

How can you help us?

A Call to Action on Accessibility

A Call to Action on Accessibility

We are a friendly informal group and any one is welcome to join us.  Our only exception is that you must be 18 or over.  This is a legal requirement, because being a small group we cannot meet the regulations necessary to involve children.  However, parents are welcome to join, and bring interested children with them, providing that they accompany their children at all times.

We have little formality, occasionally we even manage an agenda.  We meet twice each month, the first Monday of each Month in the reception area Havant’s Public Service Plaza, and the third Monday of each month on the ground floor in the open area of the Waterlooville Public Library.  The map below will help you find both locations.

There are no membership fees at present, and as mentioned above, we don’t care whether you are able-bodied, or disabled, or even what form of disability you may have.  With the usual constraints of being ‘normal people’ we do our utmost to ensure equality for all, especially as defined by the Equality Act (2010).