Joining the Group We are a relatively informal group.  For the moment, and hopefully forever, we do not charge membership fees even though we left ourselves the option in our constitution, and we do not require references, or lots of information*  For the most part, all we really need are […]

Group Membership Application

Oh no, you’ve caught me out! I must offer some sincere apologies for wasting your click on this option, but the option you chose was intended to act as a heading for a further collect of sub-headings, rather than a page itself. After all, it make things look nice. So […]

About Membership

Please don’t start on my grammar….. … and spelling, especially as to whether the title should read “a HADAG” or “an HADAG”.  It is difficult enough to figure out the apparently simple bits of WordPress.  On top of this you’ve got pages, posts, tweets, twits, and twerps (is that right?  […]

What on earth is a HADAG?

What is an Access Group Access groups are almost always small charitable or similar groups, either funded through traditional means, such are grants. donations or even by virtue of members paying their own way to get the materials required to undertake the activities. Other groups still remain part of local […]

It Can’t be That Bad can it?

How the Group Works Unlike many groups, we keep formality and paperwork to the barest legal minimum.  This is for two reasons – firstly we hate paperwork as much as the next person, and secondly it gets in the way of the work we’re committed to do by virtue of […]

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