What Can I do as a group Member?

Also Known as

aka “So, if I give up my time, what would I be doing, and what can you do for me in return for my valuable spare time?”

As you’ve probably guessed, we are a very informal group, and while I cannot speak for the other Trustees, this web-master has a slightly bizarre sense of humour and a liking for minions.  You should not, however, read anything into this, nor be at all concerned.  I simply liked the original film, and yellow is my favourite colour.


There is currently a discrepancy between the activities that the group currently undertakes, and those it would like to be doing.  The difference between the two is, you guessed it, YOU!  There are many things we could and, indeed, should be doing, but cannot do because we lack the pairs of hands to work upon them.

I’m going to list and describe a number of activities that access groups can, and do, get involved with, and on our part, that we would like also to be doing.