Get Involved with the Group

How the Group Works

Unlike many groups, we keep formality and paperwork to the barest legal minimum.  This is for two reasons – firstly we hate paperwork as much as the next person, and secondly it gets in the way of the work we’re committed to do by virtue of our constitution and charitable status.  As a result, our primary goal is to keep our meetings friendly and informal.  Quite often, meetings will mix accessibility and ‘business matters’ with long discussions about house moving and one’s last holiday!

What can you offer?

We are not looking for experts, professionals or even people who love paperwork (though we’d welcome some!).  All we are looking for is someone who can tick or confess to one or more of the following:

  • An interest in helping other disabled people through improving the local environment AND promoting equality and access in local businesses
  • Someone who wishes to spend some time helping others
  • Someone who could help the group by writing emails, or entering information on a wese

As a group we have a strong relationship with Microsoft and can provide potential members with online access to their latest applications in their on-line instance (even WORD can be used through a website, email addresses and inboxes with storage of 50 gigabytes (which is a lot) as well as access to many other applications.  Regular and committed group members qualify to purchase, for example, full copies of Microsoft Office 2016 for less than £30!

We provide a lot of support, advice and help to local disabled people, and some members are getting involved in numerous research projects, consultations with local authorities, NHS and other agencies, and much more.

A group member can get involved as much or as little as they like.