Group Membership Application

Joining the Group

We are a relatively informal group.  For the moment, and hopefully forever, we do not charge membership fees even though we left ourselves the option in our constitution, and we do not require references, or lots of information*  For the most part, all we really need are contact details for your self, plus emergency contact details on a ‘just in case’ benefit.

While we don’t ask for or require Police Checks (DBS) except as described below, due to the vulnerable nature of some of our members and those for whom we ‘work’ we will ask for you to confirm a statement that you have no criminal record of a nature that would put yourself or the group in a difficult position.

We will ask extra questions which are optional, mainly to ensure that we are not unintentionally discriminating against any particular group, and to improve the quality of the process, but you don’t need to answer these.


* The only exception to mandatory information gathering is in the case that one or more members may engage in activities that involve working with children or vulnerable adults, whereby other external regulations request a Police Check (now known as a DBS).  Such activities do not currently exist, and if you do not get involved in the activities, you need not get the checks done.  That said many of us have already had checks done through other organisations in the past.